Breakfast — The most important meal of the day?

Breakfast is often referred to as “the most important meal of the day,” and VWC’s registered dietitians agree. Below are some reasons why breakfast should always be a part of your morning routine.

Appetite regulation
Skipping meals will often lead to feeling hungrier later in the day and can result in excessive snacking and overeating at later meals.

Metabolism regulation
Every time you eat it’s an opportunity for your body to use energy to break down food. When skipping meals, your body may compensate by slowing down your metabolic rate to conserve energy.

Food is your body’s fuel source and will help with feeling more awake, energized, and focused. Long gaps without food can lead to feeling fatigued.

Meeting nutrition goals
Our body can only utilize fixed amounts of protein at one time. Skipping meals may result in missing key nutrition components or undereating, which will make weight loss difficult.

A few breakfast tips
brainstorm two options to have on hand for breakfast to take away the stress of coming up with a meal in the morning. Every morning it will be a “this or that” decision, which will save time.

Consider realistic options
For example, if you are always rushing to get out the door, choose something quick and simple like a greek yogurt rather than preparing a hot meal.

Breakfast does not have to be a feast
Many people report not feeling overly hungry in the morning, which results in skipping breakfast. Something light, for example, a few crackers and peanut butter, is always better than eating nothing.

Over the course of your lifetime, your weight may go up, and down. It can happen for any number of reasons—hormonal and metabolic shifts, pregnancy, medical conditions, medications, changes in activity level, even stress.  Maintaining a healthy weight can have an amazingly positive effect on your life. Diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and even stress can all play into your health and well-being. Whether you’re overweight, underweight, or at your optimal BMI, not fueling your body with the right nutrients can have a negative impact on your overall health.  Call today to learn how our Health & Wellness team can help you live your life to the healthiest.