Kicking off the new year — didn’t go quite as planned.

Kicking off the new year — NOT quite as we had envisioned the first week of 2022 would go! The heavy snow that blanketed Central Virginia on Monday, along with the surge of COVID in our community, has disrupted the lives of many families—including our VWC family.

We are doing our very best to see every patient who needs care when and where they need it. But like many of you, members of our VWC family are dealing with COVID illness or isolation, lack of power at home, children home from school, and more. We share this information not for your sympathy. Simply to help you understand why our call volumes may be high, rescheduled appointments may be further out, and your much-loved provider or location may not be available in the next few days/weeks.

We want you to know that this is not our new “normal!” Thank you for your patience and for entrusting us with your care.