Maternal Mental Health. We’re here for you—always.

It’s officially Maternal Mental Health week.  But, Virginia Women’s Center supports the maternal mental health of our patients 365 days a year.  The support and awareness starts in the hospital when a VWC provider touches base soon after birth, then our Care Coordinator contacts new moms by phone in the first few days after birth, our clinical care team is available by secure message, and when needed we have two clinical psychologists on staff to make sure you get the support you need—connected, collaborative care.

If you’re a new mom and you feel utterly sad and hopeless, or so overcome with worry that you can’t get any rest, let us know, right away.  These are signs of postpartum depression.  For a complete list of symptoms, click here.

It’s time for the stigma and shame associated with postpartum depression to stop.  If you need help, ask.  We’re here for you.