New Partnership Empowers Women’s Health Providers

Virginia Women’s Center is partnering with to Privia Health to form Privia Women’s Health, focusing on providing women with exceptional healthcare.  

RICHMOND, VA (May 10, 2018) Virginia Women’s Center, Inc. (“VWC”) announced today a strategic alignment with Privia to form Privia Women’s Health, designed to provide women with enhanced access to genuine, accurate, and authentic care. Privia Women’s Health will be completely physician-led and governed with the sole focus of providing better support and economic outcomes that providers need in order to holistically treat their patients.

“It was extremely important that we did not compromise the integrity and all of the work we have put into growing Virginia Women’s Center into what it is today,” said Kay Stout, MD, President, Virginia Women’s Center. “The biggest advantage of this strategic alignment with Privia is our ability to remain independent while experiencing the benefits of a larger, more well-equipped network where the patient is paramount and healthcare is local.”

Privia Women’s Health will be uniquely positioned to allow women’s healthcare providers to continue to own their own practices while gaining the support and infrastructure of a team of experts who will secure optimal payer contracts in both fee-for-service and value-based arrangements. This model reduces administrative burden and provides patient access to ancillaries and revenue cycle support, among other services.

“We are thrilled to announce our arrangement with Virginia Women’s Center, as we could think of no better partner to make a significant difference in how women are cared for,” said Lauri Rustand, President, Privia Medical Group – Mid-Atlantic. “Our reality is that healthcare is a confusing industry and we need to preserve the importance of the provider/patient relationship between women and their care providers.”

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