The importance of getting your mammogram — on time.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be over, but the statistic remains: one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive #breastcancer in her lifetime. However, mammography rates are only 85 percent of what they were prior to #COVID19. Kristin Schraa, MD, a much-loved gynecologist at our Mechanicsville location, and executive director of our Breast Health Services,  is passionate about ensuring every woman gets her mammogram — on time.

Dr. Schraa put together some ways women’s health physicians can encourage their patients to get their mammograms from my years as a #breasthealth advocate! Check out the latest Privia Women’s Health inforMD blog.


Kristin Schraa, MD is a much-loved gynecologist who cares for patients at the Mechanicsville location of Virginia Women’s Center.  Dr. Schraa was instrumental in developing our Breast Health services and is passionate about women getting a yearly 3-D mammogram.