Virginia Women’s Center was notified that Allison Breast Center/Monument Radiology PC has ceased all operations.  Emails, faxes, and telephone messages are no longer being processed. Effective immediately, all Allison Breast Center mammogram images/studies have been transferred to Morgan Records Management.

To request your prior Allison Breast Center mammogram images, click on Medical Records Release & Payment Form link below:

Use the following guide to ensure that your records are requested and shipped correctly

State:  Select “Virginia” from the drop-down list
Medical Practice:   Select “Dr. Michael Bigg, MD Release Form”
Enter your personal information to answer the next four questions.
Delivery Method: “Disc Mailed to Home/Physician” for delivery method

First Name:  Medical  
Last Name: Records
Address 1: Virginia Women’s Center
Address 2: 7130 Glen Forest Drive, Suite 101
City:  Richmond,
State:  Virginia
Zip:  23226

Complete the remainder of form as requested including payment, sign and click “Submit Form”  

PDF of Dr. Michael Bigg, MD, Release Form  (If the electronic form above is not working, you may download the PDF and follow the instructions on the bottom of the form.  

NOTE:  Per Morgan Records Management, requests for records typically take 30+ days to be processed and shipped.  However, you do NOT need to reschedule your Virginia Women’s Center mammogram appointment if your records have been requested but not yet received.