At Virginia Women’s Center, we believe that childbirth is a personal life-changing experience. And, that nature and your own body instinctively guide labor and birth. We’re committed to empowering you to be self-reliant, have a voice in your healthcare and in crafting the best possible birth experience for your growing family.

Our midwifery team collaborates with the hospital-based midwives at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital to make your delivery the amazing experience it should be. We believe in high-touch, low-intervention, and low-tech birthing support. But, if you or your baby need it, our medical doctors are right here to help. We have years of experience and access to the most sophisticated delivery techniques—if needed.

We’re committed to creating the birth plan you want. And, honored to be on this journey with you. If you’re interested in learning more about how midwifery support and delivery, schedule a midwifery informational session with midwife Wendy Dotson or if you prefer, schedule one of your OB appointments with her for an in-person conversation.