Don’t Delay — Screening Mammography + COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s important not to delay screening for breast cancer, and it’s equally important not to delay receiving care for a new breast concern, such as detecting a new lump,” says Dr. Robinson. “If you have a new breast lump or concern, your provider will recommend the appropriate breast imaging tests. It is important not to delay your health care regardless of what’s happening in the world around us. Regular screening mammograms lead to early detection of breast cancer.” ~Kristin Robinson, M.D., Radiology, Mayo Clinic.

Kristin Schraa, MD, Executive Director of Breast Health Services, Virginia Women's Center
Kristin Schraa, MD, Executive Director of Breast Health Services, Virginia Women’s Center

Dr. Kristin Schraa, an OBGYN and the Executive Director of Breast Health Services at Virginia Women’s Center, wholeheartedly agrees with Dr. Robinson of the Mayo Clinic.

“Last year, at this time, it was recommended that women delay their screening mammography due to the uncertainty of COVID and health risks of leaving home at that frightening time. Many women delayed getting potentially life-saving breast cancer screening. Now that we understand more about the virus and how to protect ourselves and each other, we don’t want to repeat what happened last year. At Virginia Women’s Center, we know first hand the importance of regular and consistent breast cancer screening and strongly encourage patients to have their mammogram performed when it is due, or as soon as possible if overdue,” says Dr. Schraa.

Screening mammograms and the COVID-19 vaccine are both life-saving procedures. Don’t put one off for the other. Let our mammography technologist know if you’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine within the last four weeks and in which arm. They’ll make sure the radiologist is aware and factors that into your read and diagnosis.

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