An ultrasound is a window into your baby’s developing world. It’s the first glimpse you’ll have of your child. And, we’re excited to share your baby’s first pictures with you.

A prenatal ultrasound, sometimes called a sonogram, is a non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to create an image of your baby, placenta and uterus. An ultrasound provides valuable information about the progress of your pregnancy and your baby’s health. It’s common to have two ultrasounds during your pregnancy—early OB and 20-week anatomy scan. Additionally, your provider may recommend additional scans if your pregnancy is high-risk or for a variety of other medical reasons.

A more detailed scan at around 20 weeks allows us to check the baby’s development and anatomy. We can even tell you what color to paint the nursery, if you’d like.

This scan also provides information about your placenta, amniotic fluid and cervical health. If the placenta is covering your cervix – a condition called placenta previa – it can cause bleeding later in the pregnancy. Too much or too little amniotic fluid also presents a need for careful monitoring. If the scan indicates a concern, an additional ultrasound may be used as part of a genetic test.

Preparing for Your Ultrasound

During ultrasound examinations, our goal is to take the best possible images and measurements of your baby. Please help us by turning off your cell phone. We will provide you with numerous ultrasound and keepsake pictures. Here are a few tips to ensure we’re able to get the very best images of your baby.

Allow plenty of time for your appointment. Ultrasound appointments typically last about 45 minutes.
Wear comfortable clothing. Ideally, a two-piece outfit so that the bottom can either be removed for a transvaginal scan or lowered for a transabdominal scan.
Eat a well-balanced meal before your appointment so that your baby will be awake and active.
Avoid food that is high in sugar as this may cause your baby to become overactive and make it difficult to obtain necessary measurements.
Ultrasound exam rooms are small. And we want to focus on you and your baby. So, please limit the number of guests in the exam room.
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