What To Expect AFTER Your Baby’s Arrival – Postpartum Workshop

Being on your own with your baby for the first few weeks and months is one of the most eye-opening, messy, absolutely beautiful experiences you’ll ever have. And it can be scary, sad and overwhelming—all at the same time. Learning to embrace your messy, wonderful new world order isn’t always easy. But it’s
so worth it. Let us help you learn about complete postpartum health—mind and body.

Just as we developed your birth plan together with you. Let us help you—and your partner—plan for the arrival of your newest family member. Join our Preparing for Postpartum Workshop to learn how to predict and cope with the changes in your life after your baby is born. We’ll cover:

  • hormonal and physical changes you can expect after giving birth
  • how the lack of sleep, alone time, and control can impact you
  • postpartum mental health conditions – what’s normal, what’s not
  • factors that may predispose individuals to have a postpartum condition
  • importance of self-care
  • coping skills that work best with your personality type
  • when to ask for help

This workshop is offered free of charge to all VWC moms-to-be and their partners. And if you recently had a baby with Virginia Women’s Center and would like to join the workshop, please let us know.

The Postpartum Workshop is interactive and offered virtually.  Participants will receive an email the Friday before their scheduled Monday session with instructions to join the workshop and a link to download program materials.

Facilitated by Lisa Cuseo-Ott, Ph.D.
Mondays | 5:00 – 6:00 p.m | Advance registration is required.

Call 804.288.4084 to register today!