Why 3D Mammography?

Tomosynthesis, or 3D Mammography, is an advanced, FDA-approved breast imaging technology. This new imaging tool allows doctors to see breast masses and distortions more clearly and accurately. It detects 40% more invasive breast cancers than regular mammography while reducing false positives by almost 40%, and that means you can be spared the emotional and economic toll of additional testing when all is fine.
Instead of trying to sort through the complexities of your breasts in a flat 2D image, the radiologist can review a 3D image of your breasts layer by layer, one thin slice at a time. Fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the overlapping layers of tissues.

3D technology is highly recommended for all women, particularly those with a high risk of breast cancer or a personal history of breast cancer and women with dense breast tissue or implants.

You’ll experience the 3D mammogram in much the same way you do a regular mammogram. Our technologist will position you and compress your breast. The X-ray arm will then move in an arc over your breast, taking multiple images at different angles, creating a 3D image of your breast in one-millimeter slices.

It’s clear. Tomosynthesis is simply the most accurate breast screening tool available at this time.

We partner with Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg (RAF) to offer you the most sophisticated breast cancer screening and diagnostic services under one roof. RAF’s on-site certified specialty-trained breast radiologists review all mammograms and ultrasounds and perform breast biopsies themselves. Dr. Buhler is one of the talented radiologists that care for the women of Virginia Women’s Center. Here, Dr. Buhler talks about the benefits of 3D Mammography.