Natalie Eisenach, MD, MS, is an obstetrician-gynecologist who cares for patients at the West End location of Virginia Women’s Center.  

We are delighted to introduce Natalie Eisenach, MD, MS. With a strong foundation in women’s health and a passion for evidence-based care, Dr. Eisenach is committed to empowering patients through their healthcare journeys.

Dr. Eisenach’s journey into the field of obstetrics and gynecology was deeply personal. Growing up in a family deeply connected to healthcare, she was inspired by her mother’s experience with infertility and a high-risk pregnancy. Witnessing her mother’s relationship with fertility and obstetrical specialists ignited her appreciation for their vital roles in women’s health. This early exposure fueled her desire to give back and support other women in their healthcare journeys.

Dr. Eisenach aims to be a reliable source of evidence-based information, countering the sea of misinformation that often confronts patients in the community and online with “Dr. Google.” She is dedicated to creating efficient and thoughtful encounters and fostering a true partnership between herself and her patients. Listening to her patients’ concerns and providing timely, evidence-based solutions is at the heart of her practice.

Dr. Eisenach’s passion for staying at the forefront of medical knowledge led her to complete a master’s degree in clinical research. Her love for reading about current research and updating her practices with the most evidence-based treatments ensures that her patients receive the best care possible. Her background as an administrative chief during residency and her role on the education committee underscore her commitment to patient education. She believes that when patients understand their healthcare and actively participate in decision-making, they gain more from their healthcare experiences.

Dr. Eisenach’s greatest joy in her profession is helping patients empower themselves to control their health and witness their growth through significant life events. Her prior experience in genetic testing has fueled her interest in the influence of genetics on health, allowing her to offer a unique perspective to her patients.

Open-minded and always willing to learn, Dr. Eisenach remains committed to her goals of providing evidence-based care. She finds excitement in the knowledge her patients share with her, which she eagerly passes on to benefit others.

Hailing from the Midwest, Dr. Eisenach brings a warm and welcoming demeanor to her practice. In her free time, Dr. Eisenach enjoys running, reading, and indulging in independent films. Her love for trying out new restaurants and exploring Virginia’s wine scene reflects her passion for diverse experiences.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Natalie Eisenach at our West End location to experience her exceptional care and dedication firsthand. We are confident that her expertise and compassionate approach will make a positive impact on your healthcare journey. Together with Dr. Eisenach, we look forward to helping you achieve your best possible health and wellness.



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Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

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Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Richmond, Virginia

Medical School

University of Kansas School of Medicine
Kansas City, Kansas

University of Kansas School of Medicine
M.S. Clinical Research
Kansas City, Kansas

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University of Richmond
B.S. Biology
Minor in Medical Humanities
Richmond, Virginia